Following their much-acclaimed debut album, Ban The Light ( released in 2019 on AFM Records ), Swedish hard rock act DEAF RAT has released a video for a live version of Tying You Down. In 2020, the band was invited to join heavy metal icons JUDAS PRIEST for this show. Finally after being postponed for two years, the bands got to share the stage at the magnificent and world famous outdoor arena Dalhalla, Sweden, in 2022.

“The stage is the number one place to be for Deaf Rat,” vocalist Frankie Ritch comments. “This is where we get to connect with the audience and really come to life. Anything and everything can and will happen, and no night is like the other. Tying You Down LIVE gives you a taste of what a night with Deaf Rat on stage will be like.”

DEAF RAT hails from Dalarna in Sweden, a small region with long traditions of mining, steel industry, music and a healthy dose of DIY attitude. The broad sound of DEAF RAT is built on a strong foundation of classic 70s, 80s and 90s rock packed with influences of the band members different personal favourites. With their massive guitar riffs and strong melodies, this is the band that fills up the cracks in the ageing concrete between old school and modern hard rock.

The album Ban The Light was released with great reviews from all over the world. Metal Temple recommends “if you are a fan of eccentric and eclectic Hard Rock acts, DEAF RAT must find its place on your watch list for the years to come”, Sonic Perspectives lauded “Deaf Rat puts forth some quality hard rock”, while GBHBL featured the album as “an overly strong rock effort from these Swedish up and comers”!

The stories on the album were inspired by yesterday’s and tomorrow’s evening news where politics and religion are used to justify horrible acts. The album tells the story of people stuck in a world where free will is taken away slowly step by step without anyone noticing. The album was produced by Erik Berglund and is the soundtrack of a dark and grainy dystopia a should-have-been-made movie directed by the Devil with a cast of thoroughly bad men and evil women. Basic tracks were recorded live in the band’s own Ballroom Studios in Falun to capture as much as possible of the band’s on-stage energy. To purchase your copy of this must-have hard and heavy rock record, visit the Deaf Rat Merchandise Store here!

Since the release of Ban The LightDEAF RAT has released three powerful video singles; Within The Dead SoulsTake Me To Church and the bands own version of MADONNA’s super hit Like A Prayer

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Mona Miluski