Welcome to the explosive world of DEAF RAT, where hard-hitting rock anthems and electrifying live performances reign supreme. We are thrilled to announce that the new single, “Say Your Lies,” is now officially released through AFM Records. Recorded in early 2023 by Max Lander, Frankie Rich, Pat Kramer, and Nic Lester, this track follows the previous release, “Schizophrenic Part Of Me,” and promises to deliver a captivating and intense experience for you.

Continued musical evolution

DEAF RAT has always pushed the boundaries of the bands sound, and “Say Your Lies” further demonstrates the commitment to evolve our style. In a recent interview, vocalist Frankie Rich shared that the new material shows the band’s consistent growth. While the debut album had a darker and heavier tone, the current tracks showcase a honed style that combines our main influences, including Kiss, Black Sabbath, Velvet Revolver, W.A.S.P., Alice Cooper, and Extreme. Blending the spirit of the 1970s-1990s with modern elements and contemporary production, DEAF RAT has found a unique sound that sets the band apart.

Collaboration and production

To ensure the highest quality, DEAF RAT enlisted the expertise of recording engineer Jonas Arnberg, who captured the band’s powerful performance during the recording process. The track was then mixed and mastered by the renowned Erik Mårtensson, known for his work with Eclipse, Nordic Union, and W.E.T. With such a talented team behind the scenes, “Say Your Lies” shines as an expertly produced rock anthem that showcases the band’s musical prowess.

The Story Behind SAY YOUR LIES

“Say Your Lies” delves into the mysterious phenomenon of sleep paralysis and the haunting entity of nightmares that have plagued people throughout history. This powerfully grooving heavy track takes listeners on a pulsating journey, merging gripping lyrics with a high-energy rock sound. DEAF RAT’s ability to seamlessly intertwine storytelling and music creates a captivating experience that will resonate with fans around the world.

“In six months time, I had three friends tell me about their experiences of waking up in the middle of the night, unable to move or speak”,frontman Frankie reveals. “They all saw a dark diffuse shadow like character in their room, and all felt like if someone was sitting on top of their chest. Now if that is not a good topic for a hard rock song then I don’t know what is!”

Frankie Rich

Exciting times ahead

With the release of “Say Your Lies,” DEAF RAT is set to continue wowing their fans with more singles and videos throughout late 2023 and early 2024. All of these upcoming releases will be mixed and mastered by the talented Erik Mårtensson, ensuring a consistent and powerful sound. Additionally, DEAF RAT will bring their music to life with brilliant Marvel/DC comic-style artwork, adding another dimension to the visual appeal of their music.