My first records back in the early ‘90s that were my own were a handful of vinyl records from a few of the, at the time, popular Swedish bands that were spinning on the charts. Before that I remember it was one the most joyful music experiences to go through my dad’s collection of old records from the ‘70s like Deep Purple, Queen and even older Beatles albums. When I got my first own apartment in the high school years, I was on my own to acquire a decent record collection and luckily at the time, old vinyl records were really dirt cheap. I could get so many awesome classic rock records without staying on a diet of bread and water for the rest of the month.

Along with my favorite albums of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, my new inspiration at that time came from the funk rock powerhouses Electric Boys, the discovery of the early prog rock epic tunes from Kansas and probably the most soulful singer in the world, Jeff Buckley. On top of that the album which, according to Wayne Campbell everyone got in the mail, Frampton Comes Alive and also the darkest and coolest grunge band of the era, Alice In Chains. My album list has grown with a few newer additions in the form of the secret robots of Daft Punk and a rediscovery of the great Swedish band The Creeps.

It’s really a joy picking up a vinyl record and listening to a whole album from start to finish with no interruption. It’s as close to meditation as I go nowadays and looking at BIG artwork and band pictures makes everything feel so alive. Having those experiences really drives me to create music and all these influences plays a big role in my addition to the sound of Deaf Rat.

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