Deaf Rat releases new music video for Bad Blood, taken from the recent album Ban The Light.
The video shows the band in an intimate setting where the acoustic song is performed in its own raw beautifulness.
Director of the video was no other than the bands drummer Karl Löfgren who managed to capture Deaf Rat in a way never seen before.

Director: Karl Löfgren
Cinematographer – Paul Defaire
Editing – Paul Defaire & Karl Löfgren

Song Lyrics – Bad Blood

Close your eyes let the shadows rise inside you
Speak your lies let us drink from the devils fountain
Hold inside let her be the one who guides you
Close your eyes let us drink from the devils fountain

Souls in line find the questions to her answer
Your denial let us turn to one who hears us
On your knees will you be her slave of darkness
Come with me let us turn to one who sees us

Went through a life in darkness time grew the pain in me
Bad blood slowly makes the feelings disappear
Survived a life in shadows my curse a part of me
Bad Blood branches out and sets the demon free

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